SKIN AND HAIR CARE DURING HOLI FESTIVAL Holi colours contain harsh chemicals which may lead to skin allergies and damaged hair.Pre-Holi skin and hair care regime : One of the best ways to protect yourself from it is by applying Castor oil all

EYERYTHING ABOUT SHAMPOOINGAs per new roots hair clinic trichologist expert experience, we know that correct shampooing can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your hair. Try incorporating these steps into your daily regime to promote t

Why Assured Hair Transplantation in new roots hair transplant Center !Most of the failures reflect a failure of one or more of the following:Graft drying: exposure to air for more than 10-20 seconds can kill the graft. The smaller the graft, the g

10 CAUSES OF BALDNESS : male pattern baldness This type of baldness is caused by combination of genes and male sex hormones. Hereditary In females the hair gets widen and noticeably hair thinning. Physical and mental stress Physical stress caused by

Hair TransplantHair transplantation is a surgical technique that moves hair follicles from a part of the body called the 'donor site' to a bald or balding part of the body known as the 'recipient site'. It is primarily used to treat male pattern ba

New Roots AssuranceThe only center offering assurance is because we work till patient complete satisfaction and our goal is to achieve our clients optimum beauty level related to his hair. The reason we assure our patient is because we avoid bruisin

In today’s era many people face that the hair line has been thinning and receding due to life style and the general stresses we go through in life.“It’s been really making self conscious and uncomfortable so One can feel and decide to do somethin

Hair Transplant by Latest Technique We use BIO-FUE method, which is the latest method used worldwide for best results. With FUE, No Cut, No Stitches, No Scars, No Pain & No Hospitalisation. Hair Transplant by Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon 10 years of

NATURAL REMEDY TO GET HAIR THICK AND FULLER New roots hair clinic experts noted following causes of thinning hair Excessive physical or emotional stress Hormonal imbalances Nutritional deficiency Allergies Wrong hair care Poor hair care Hereditary Na

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